September 2, 2008

My Day !!

Outside my Window... Well it is dark out right now. But the Moon is shining Bright and there may be an Owl Hooing outside. The streetlight lights up the street just perfectly, and It feels pretty Good out.

I am thinking... About going to Bed soon, and how the Dishwasher needs to be emptied. I dont really want to do it But if I am the last one downstairs then thats ok. Brandon is upstairs as well probably asleep.

From the kitchen... Well today's kitchen went like this: Joseph and I were up at 930 and we came down and I made myself a Bowl of Fruity Pebbles and Joseph only wanted Grapes so he ate about 30 of those and Had some milk and water. Then for Lunch brandon Had some leftover steak with Black Beans and I had a leftover Cobb Salad from Partners Pizza , joseph had a scrambled Egg and Some more grapes but this time had grapes AND strawberries..(he is such a healthy Boy). Dinner time The family had black beans and Rice with Chicken That was marinated in Hawaiian Sauce. I made two Artichokes for Brandon and I and then I made some cookies for Dessert!

I am wearing... A white Tank Top with A pair of Blue Shorts of Banana Republic.

I just finished... Cleaning the Kitchen and Checking my email

I am hoping.. That All my hopes and dreams come true!!

I am hearing... IMEEM Music.. Chris Tomlin: Here I am to Worship

One of my favorite things... Is to read, be outside, and Be with My family!

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... Ignite Meetings, Brandon is going to the Gym, Ill probably do a deep cleaning somewhere in this topsy turvy House, Tennessee game!!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you... My little Bug At Cliff Side Lake.

well Hello

Hello Blog Spot! I'm Jessica. This is Totally a new thing for me. Today was an O.K day. I did a lot of yard work. I cut all these branches off this huge plant we HAD in our yard. We used to have these beautiful Cherry Trees But For some reason The owners of this house decided that they wanted to chop two of them down. What a shame? They were the largest ones in the Neighborhood too.

Well Fall is almost here..YAY! Time to set out all the Fall Decorations. Yipee! Thanksgiving will be right around the Corner as well. Yummy!

My Daily Prayers: Patience, Encouragement, My Dreams and Hopes, Health, Safety, and Protection for my family, Faith in the Unknown.