September 27, 2008


What an awesome movie this was... an inspirational..

Brandon and I on our first date night in forever and went to dinner and then went to see Fire Proof. Wow, did it hit home as well. It allowed me to understand no Matter what I go through and no matter what hard trials I may experience I must love Brandon no matter how bad Things may be. Also, it repeatedly through the movie said "never leave your partner"which was very inspirational as well.

I loved how in the movie they show how Satan slowly tries to worm his way into a marriage.. like with Caleb's Wife. He Tries so hard to make one of the partners in a relationship fall by dangling some thing in front of them Like with the Doctor. And then God Steps in for Caleb when he is sitting on the hospital bed getting his arm bandaged up and without knowing talks about his wife and his doctor is the one trying to pursue his wife. God Steps In when we don't even know it.

And then how he pays for his wife's parents stuff.. that was just amazing.. and his apology..

Just the whole movie..

Brandon loved it as well...