September 3, 2008

Upside Down Day!

  • Well the Morning started off Pretty Rocky. I wanted to sleep in (i went to bed at 2 am) but sometimes Joseph would rather get up and play.
  • So we went downstairs and He ate about 10 Large Green Grapes.. and it was the funniest thing too, he has his own little colorful bowls and I actually at first cut up Grapes and Strawberries, and as we are sitting in the kitchen eatting breakfast he starts taking the Strawberries out and putting them on the counter and you know just picking through till he got to his grapes. He wanted nothing to do with his strawberries although in the past he usually loves them. He used to love bananas but hes looking for better fruits now!! GRAPES!
  • I went to dinner with my parents tonight. It was nice I dont usually go to Dinner with them I try to cook at home but it was nice to get out with the both of them. Brandon went to the Gym with his friend Sean. Please pray for him hes ready to get in the Air Force! Anyway, My mom and Joseph went to the little arcade room and they played the Claw machine. Well The time had run out so the claw just dropped on its own and out of all the cute little toys that are in the Machine The one that gets picked is a doll of the Wicked Witch of the East! HAHA, Little Joseph Loved it though.
  • Before Dinner my Mom and I actually went to Starbucks because we were waiting on Joel. My mom Had gotten a Coffee, and I a wonderful Caramel Machiatto. I love that Coffee. Then We went over to Books a Million. My mom took Joseph over to the little Kids Section while I went to "Christian living" I was looking for Power of a Prayer Mother come to find out its called Power of a praying Parent.. These kind of books are so important to me. I love learning and educating myself especially with books that help me either better myself or the Relationships in my life! Anyway they had the book and we got it. And Joseph had to have this little Flashy Frog! It was cute!
  • Now Im just waiting on Brandon to get home. I miss Him!!!
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  • Daily Prayers: Control of my Tongue, More productivity throughout the day, For Ignite to do well for Brandon, Brandon AF, All health and protection to my family and friends