January 7, 2010

His Mission

Isaiah 48:14
"I, even I, have spoken
yes, I have called him,
I will bring him,
and he will succeed in
his Mission"

and he did...

Thank you God!

God always answers His Promise's

January 5th, 10, God stepped in and answered a long awaited prayer and a long awaited promise.

A little over two years ago God placed on my heart that Brandon was going to get in the Air Force. Now when and how I didn't know.. But for me I thought it would be no time and we would be on our way.. God had a different plan.

After two years of Weight issues, Waivers, accountability, 3 Different recruiters my heart finally came to the conclusion that God is doing something... and I needed to find out what God was teaching me in all of this.

Throughout the months God truly showed me as I have posted in other blog post that I needed to know what peace was in him even in situations where there was the opposite of peace and to teach me what truly having an absolute surrender in hope to God was. I also learned to pray about everything, good or bad, happy or sad, or just even a thought that comes to my mind.. and thank you Jesus for it .. I pray over everything all the time. It has become a huge blessing what God has taught me to do.

After many different spiritual experiences with God I learned that God was going to get Brandon in, and I needed to just continue to wait and serve him. *another reason one of my favorite songs is While Im Waiting By John Waller*

Well Brandon did leave and God answered.. I could write a book about this experience, and I practically have in my writing journal but for now I must just simply put what God has done and is doing..

Thank you God for your unfailing love, mercy, hope, perserverance, and peace!!