September 14, 2008


I don't yet if I will make it to church. There are a few things I need to work out first, although All else aside I would love to go.

Last night before Bed I was reading Power of Praying Wife and I Prayed for my husband's purpose. I have really been praying for my husband and my son lately and yes, i can see results in my husbands. Small ones at least. Well Anyway, I just prayed that God would reveal to him exactly what his will for him would be and would put a calling on my husband's heart for it. What choice my Husband makes at that point be his decision but by praying I'm reaching out that God would help him find his purpose.. O how Wonderful prayer is!

I prayed also for my son. In the book Power of a praying Parent I read the chapter on a child's Salvation. My biggest prayer for Anyone especially my son would be that one day he commits his life to Christ and Walks with a daily relationship with the Lord. I prayed that if one day he would go astray that God would move quickly in, put it on his heart like a burden, and hear the Holy Spirit Pulling him back. That he would be Born Again and Baptised at his own decision in life and lead a life of Christ everyday till one day he meets his Lord and Savior!

To me Salvation isn't just accepting Christ into your heart and then you have a ticket to heaven, its yes, accepting him but living everyday repenting, Building a relationship, having a transformation "the old is gone , the new has come." Its being a servant to God and dedicating your life to him, giving all that you have to him, and surrendering everything in your life (family, money, work, etc) to him and having faith in the unknown. God will take care..even though sometimes it may get a little tough

Daily Prayers: My husbands Purpose, My Son's Salvation (right now he is only 15 months), Recognizing Salvation