September 12, 2008

Interesting Week

Well the week started pretty normal. Brandon applied for about 8 or 9 different jobs and Went to Home depot. We made him his first Resume too. It looks really good too. He's been working really hard to with his running and has been eating very good. No more Eating late.

(except for me, I have a sweet tooth :0) .

Anyway.. Thursday, Thank God Rolled around because I was able to get out of the house for a more then one hour. My mom and I went to beef O Brady's with Krista and Brandon.

We then went to Target and shopped for these Gift Bags my mom is going to give to people. We just bought little office supplies and such. (highlighters, pens, pencils, rulers, paper holder,etc) I LOVE doing little arts and crafts like that. If I could one day have my own business I would definitely open up my own little Arts and Crafts store like a Miniature Joann's. Like with Scrap booking and painting, and gift bags.

I love the history and discovery Channels. I watch Jurassic Fight Club and I think it is just so amazing what was once hear especially the Megladon Shark and the Colossal Squid. Just another mystery about this young world's past that God likes for us to discover! The Megladons teeth are literally 7 inches long which could range the shark to max. 70 feet! Can you IMAGINE? a shark that big! That's Enormous! I have such a fascination with things of the unknown. Like they found the First colossal squid ever and it was Huge. It was a female, and they found in the Antarctic Ocean. They thought it was a male. How cool is that though? I love watching like the Monster Quest on History Channel . They go and search for animals like the Lochness Monster and Big foot. Although I Don't believe in Big Foot I do believe in the Lochness Monster. The reason why we haven't even discovered 95% of the earths Water!! Can you imagine all that we are missing out on? I could learn about this stuff all day! Also, the bible talks about a sea creature that was called the Leviathan an it was like 60-70 feet. I would be so scared to even step foot in our waters when any of these animals prowled the ocean. One day I want to go Great White Shark Cage Diving!That would be such an experience. What if I did it at Seal Island ? You know a person cannot last even 30 seconds in that water without being attacked.. Good luck! Anyway.. enough About my crazy little interests!! I would so work in this kind of Field!

I watched Criminal Minds tonight. It was a very good Episode. I also had a wonderful Slice of chocolate Cake.. YuMmY!!!

Tomorrow Tennessee Plays!! UAB vs. UT! GOOOO VOLUNTEERS!! But we are suppose to just slaughter this team!! Excuse my use of words.. But Murder this team!! I hope for a great season!! Another SEC championship here we come!!


My mom, Brandon and I went and got some more flyer's and such done for Ignite so I'm excited about posting and handing those out as well.

I started a new book called "Power of a prayer Parent" and I am Also reading " Power of a praying Wife" I love em'!!

Daily Prayers: AF, Ignite, Resumes to go out far and wide, My sister in Jax., All my disclosed Prayers(like 100 of them), Work on my witness, Not to have such a sharp tongue.