September 5, 2008

Up TO Late Again...

Today Was a pretty decent day. It started out with a shower with Joseph. My mom wanted to go to Breakfast. We went to Jay Christopher's. My poor mom had such a bad neck all day, I pray its gone for her tomorrow. Joseph got his own plate today(he usually eats just off of my plate) but today we got him the Dinosaur Eggs. It contains a piece of Bacon, One egg, and one Pancake and A little bit of watermelon. He first ate the Watermelon, then his eggs, and barely ate the pancake. Hes a healthy little eater. I finished the Pancake... :0) And the bacon.

I don't let him eat certain foods like bacon and tuna. Stuff I don't feel is right for him just yet. He loves His grapes though. He isn't a big sweet tooth though, well i haven't really allowed him to be one. I think he has only had juice 3 times his whole life, and mainly nurses, drinks water and/or milk. He loves his Milk as well! I don't give him Hot dogs, Cake, ice cream. Ive heard alot of " You should let him try stuff, he needs to be a kid" But I found it works in my favor when he takes naps, sleeps at night, and isn't so wound up. To me though a 14 month old baby shouldn't be eating peach Pie with Ice Cream and just because the adults do does not mean I need to walk out of the room, HE is still so little. Especially when it is right before his bed time! He will be able to When he gets a little older.

Anyway, Brandon met this guy that he has been working out with for a while now and they are really compatible friends. They both want to go in the Air Force, and they both are holding each other accountable for the things they eat, they are working out together to lose whatever weight they have left. I think Brandon really needed someone who was on the same page as him. Thank God!!

One of My favorite shows came on tonight, Criminal Minds. I really like how they can just read a situation and understand why the person may have done it, the patterns they have, the reason behind it all... its really neat to watch. I made an Artichoke that Brandon and I shared.

For Dinner my mom Made Civeche. It has alot of different stuff in it. Its Kinda like a salsa but not. It was really good. Everyone except Joseph ate it. It had Tilapia and Shrimp in it. Not yet...

So Lets hear about the Poor game Tennessee Volunteers had on Monday to UCLA. Hopefully they will pull it together with this new quarterback Saturday! COME ON SEC!!! We are the Strongest Conference by far! Unfortunately my husband is a Florida Gator Fan, but I must say compared to our new quarterback their Quarterback is the best one to his College Football in a long time!

I talked to my sister tonight, I do Miss her! shes doing good I just feel bad because the Girl she was suppose to get an apartment with doesn't want to Find a job and work to get one. Hopefully something can happen for her!

Well I got to go, Brandon and I are about to go to bed!! Night!

Daily Prayers: Strength when I feel Hopeless, Air Force, Change, Madeline to find a good situation in Jacksonville, Home Depot to go through, My mom's Neck Ache to Goooo Awayyy, Tennessee to win this weekend